#DailyDigital NOOOOOWWWWW You Can Start with the Christmas

Attention America: it is now safe to put up your lights and decorations!! Stores, it is now acceptable to pipe carols over the PA to your shoppers! I haven’t started listening to my Christmas playlist on Spotify, but it is officially OK if you do.

Mobile Discrepancies: Getting to the Same Count
There’s a lot of interesting information in here, but the reason I’m sharing it is because one of the challenges that advertisers, publishers, and all the ad tech in between face in trying to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns is the varying levels of disparity between the various numbers out there and the means for both parties (Advertisers & Publishers) to validate those measures. On impressions alone notice this remark: “These still occur on desktop, and IAB guidance is that players in the ad serving process should be able to manage to a 10% discrepancy rate between the parties counting.” 10% might sound like a lot, but that’s the state of things.  This article talks about mobile, but just imagine how bad it must be for other channels and measures.

Overcoming The Marketing Challenge Of Onboarding Audiences Online
“Advertising Intelligence provider” Exponential seems to have done some sort of marketing push with Adotas today, so I’ll indulge them and share one of their articles.  It helps that this is a pretty solid piece about the considerations marketers need to bear in mind around onboarding their offline data.

Don’t Believe The Lies About Digital Media
I would share this just for the headline because I am a complete sucker for clickbait. (Do you know how many otter/cat/puppy/hippo/elephant/etc. pictures I’ve seen? Numbers do not go that high and I am still clicking.) This is actually a really interesting read. The author attempts to debunk some of the arguments against online display ads.  I don’t think he’s wholly successful because there are some HUGE assumptions in his arguments like when he says, “in a nonfraudulent world.” Which world is that? Or the assumption that targeting audiences online is as easy as just picking some key demographic elements. Many online data sources have very wrong data elements about who I am. Nevertheless, there is a lot of very good sense and data in this piece. Well worth the time to read and ponder.

The 4 Major Digital Ad Formats Face Off
Supercute infographic is supercute!  This one compares rich media, video ads, mobile, and standard banners in terms of performance across vertical and even country.  It’s neat. Go look at it.

Square Just Made Three Huge Moves in One Week
I’m sharing this because the payments space has been very, very lively this year and I think I should pay more attention to what’s going on there. So, now you get subjected to the whims of my interests when I share articles like this.

One last blast: